How Jack Clark Went Broke – MLB

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Clark was driven into bankruptcy in 1992 by his appetite for luxury cars. According to his bankruptcy filing, he owned 18 luxury automobiles, including a $700,000 Ferrari and a Rolls Royce. Clark was trying to pay 17 car notes simultaneously, and whenever he got bored with a car he would get rid of it and just buy another one. He ended up losing his 2.4 million-dollar home and his drag-racing business because of his extravagant spending habits. Despite one of the most publicized bankruptcies in baseball, Clark reportedly got back on his feet in the late 1990s.

1977SF Giants$23,000
1978SF Giants$60,000
'79SF Giants$125,000
'85STL Cardinals$1,555,000
'86STL Cardinals$1,300,000
'87STL Cardinals$1,300,000
'88NY Yankees$1,500,000
'89SD Padres$2,000,000
'90SD Padres$2,000,000
'91Bo Red Sox$2,900,000
'92Bo Red Sox$2,900,000
'93MNTRL Expos$109,000